Build Back Better in Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove Compass have launched a campaign to Build Back Better in the City and we are seeking signatures from residents and people who work in the City. While terrible, the Covid-19 crisis provides an opportunity to create a new and better ‘normal’ – and we think Brighton and Hove is the ideal place to set this in motion as we face an uncertain future.

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The Will Of The People?

What does ‘will of the people’ actually mean? Here are some numbers about the EU referendum and why, on their own, plebiscites are not a good way of involving citizens in important decision.

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Is Frome an Example to Things to Come?

Frome Council in Somerset is working hard to be a different kinds of local authority, one that is more inclusive, participative and democratic. They call is ‘Flatpack Democracy’. Can what they do be done in much bigger local authorities?

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