Build Back Better in Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove Compass have launched a campaign to Build Back Better in the City and we are seeking signatures from residents and people who work in the City. While terrible, the Covid-19 crisis provides an opportunity to create a new and better ‘normal’ – and we think Brighton and Hove is the ideal place to set this in motion as we face an uncertain future.

We are posting this on behalf of Brighton and Hove Compass to ask you to support our statement of intent and help us campaign for a new radical vision for Brighton and Hove.

You may be aware that Compass nationally has launched a national “Build Back Better” campaign ( along similar lines.

Brighton and Hove has a creative and progressive reputation. We have a vibrant artistic, community and voluntary sector and a strong campaigning track record with causes such as Pride, Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter receiving substantial support across the City. And we have a majority of progressive councillors on the City Council. 

We think that amidst the tragedy and chaos of the Covid-19 crisis, there is an opportunity to create a new and better ‘normal’ – and Brighton and Hove is the ideal place to set this in motion.

We hope you will feel able to sign the attached statement (making clear if you are signing as an individual or on behalf of an organisation) and let us know how you’d like to be described (just a very few words). Please feel free to forward this statement to others, or to suggest other names to us.

Brighton and Hove Compass

Colin Miller, Diane Warburton, Davy Jones


If you live or work in Brighton and Hove and support our campaign please sign by adding you name and ideally  your organisation/work in the comments box below. 

Jacob Berkson, Thousand 4 £1000

Dave Allen, Brighton Climate Action Network

Julian Caddy, CEO Brighton Fringe Festival

Iain Chambers, Founder, Brighton Food Factory

Andy Richards, Brighton & Hove UNISON Chair

Atlanta Cook, marine environment consultant

Jackie Chase, Radio Free Brighton

Peter Deadman, author

Alex Shankland, Institute of Development Studies

Lisa Redlinski, Radical Brighton

Marek Kohn, writer

Sue Matthias, Senior Editor, Financial Times

Alex Mabbs, Minister, Brighthelm Church and  Community Centre – personal capacity

Jodie Thorpe, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies

Ian Chisnall, The Argus columnist

Paul Philo, Green Party

Marianne Craig, career coach and activist

Dr Helen Walker, University of Brighton

Judy Stevens, Director, Artists Open Houses

Nigel Ordish, works in music, design and higher education

Marigold Ashwell, Arts Education Consultant / Adviser

Jennifer Gould: Director, Divine Company 

Rosalind Eyben

Diane Perrons

Tim Beacher: Energy Efficiency & Renewables, BHESCo

Thousand 4 £1000

Martin Allen – Saltdean

James Bianco, 16 Degrees Coaching 

John Gaventa: Professor, Institute of Development Studies

Nick Ashwell, Trustee Robin Hood Health Foundation

John Medhurst, writer and trade unionist

Aidan Pettitt, trade unionist

Audrey Marshall: Librarian

Ali Ghanimi, Free University of Brighton

Clive Reedman: Volunteer Genealogist & Historical Researcher

James Joughin: International Development  Development Practitioner

Diane Smith

Paddy O’Keefe – Actor

Brian Stewart, Graphic Designer

Paul Sperring

Simon Lancaster

Felicity Vaughan: PA secondary School

Teresa Lipson

Peter Deadman: Author & Teacher

Norman Wright: Director Exeter Street Community Hall

Ellie Kavner: Consultant Family Therapist

Ian Bullock: Labour Party and Historian

David Herman 

Lisa Trebs: IDS & Cofounder Brighton & Hove Covidarity Festival 

Simon Adams

Laura Sharples: Economy for the Common Goo

Karen Stenning

Colin Miller, Co-ordinator, B & H Compass

Diane Warburton, B & H Compass

Davy Jones, B & H Compass

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  1. James Bianco

    James Bianco
    16 Degrees Coaching

  2. martin allen

    Please add my name

    Martin Allen – Saltdean

  3. Laura Sharples

    During lockdown we have launched the local Brighton chapter of the Economy for the Common Good. We hope that this movement for an alternative economy led by the values of human dignity, solidarity and social justice, environmental sustainability and transparency and co-determination can help Brighton to become an economy for the common good.

  4. Simon Adams

    Let’s make Brighton a pedestrian-friendly city that welcomes people, not a car-filled rat run that repels them.

  5. Diane Perrons

    Lets work towards a more inclusive sustainable and gender equitable world.

  6. Tim Beecher (Energy Efficiency & Renewables, BHESCo)

    All for supporting the voices of local people, stronger community cooperation and democracy.

  7. Lisa Trebs

    MA student at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
    Co-founder of the Brighton and Hove Covidarity Festival

  8. Rosalind Eyben

    I attended earlier Compass meetings in Brighton and am delighted you have started us up again! Excellent news.

  9. Dave Ely

    I am a retired social worker, an active charity trustee currently and hold a personal carer responsibility.

    I agree with the statement and feel we in Brighton and Hove is well placed to progress the Compass agenda of ’45 degree’ change premised on collaboration and alliance of progressive forces

  10. Sam

    Sam Zindel, MD, Propellernet Digital Growth Agency

  11. Ellie Kavner

    Ellie Kavner

    Consultant Family Therapist

  12. Ellie Kavner

    Ellie Kavner Consultant Family Therapist
    Very pleased Compass Brighton developing with so much work to do…

  13. Ian Bullock

    I agree with the statement and all the comments made so far, I joined the Labour Party in 1964 and am a published historian of pre-1939 British socialism

  14. Paul Sperring

    I would really like to see Brighton and Hove Council promote much more local participation in democracy – particularly through the use of people’s assemblies.

    1. Colin Miller

      Thanks for signing Paul, our main task now is to get the council political leadership on board (Greens and Labour). So well need help with this, if they sign up then we can move to the next bit.

  15. Simon Lancaster, writer

    From the tragedy of homelessness to the paucity of pedestrianisation, we have fallen far behind the best practices of European cities. We need a city-wide conversation – a citizens’ assembly, ideally – to forge a new way forward.

  16. Felicity Vaughan

    PA secondary school

  17. Teresa Lipson

    I went to one of the first Compass meetings, quite a few years ago now. Inspiring then but then nothing happened due to deep political divisions (mostly, disappointingly, from the Labour party of which I am a member). I am therefore delighted by this revived and apparently real spirit of cooperation. I do not represent any organisation but I am retired and though I cannot speak for all older people, I think most will agree when I say how much we want to see the city (and country) value the contribution of the over 65’s and have their needs incorporated in all strategies and discussions about building a better Brighton/Britain

    1. Colin Miller

      Thank you for your supportive words. We are excited about restarting, we had started making plans for a relaunch just before the Covid crises engulfed us. so put things on hold a bit. But felt we really had to do. something with the prospect of at the alliance between Labour and the Green collapsing in Brighton and Hove

  18. Peter Deadman

    Author, teacher

  19. David Herman


  20. Audrey Marshall, Librarian

    The Covid crisis and lockdown has shown us how important local networks are. We need to build on this.

  21. Brian Stewart, Graphic Designer

    The creation of a more inclusive democratic system: who could object to and not support that?

  22. Clive Reedman

    Clive Reedman, Volunteer Genealogist and Historical Researcher

  23. James Joughin

    James Joughin
    International Development practitioner

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