Towards a Deeper Democracy

The best way of protecting our democracy is by having more democracy

Deeper Democracy is a group committed to creating a democracy that is more inclusive, participatory and deliberative

A Progressive Alliance – What’s in a Name?

Many argue that the only chance of there being a Labour led government after the next elections is via a ‘progressive alliance’. An agreement between Labour, Liberal democrats and the ‘progressive nationalist’ SNP and Plaid Cymru. Is this democratically desirable? If it is would be be possible to create one and what form would it take?

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Build Back Better in Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove Compass have launched a campaign to Build Back Better in the City and we are seeking signatures from residents and people who work in the City. While terrible, the Covid-19 crisis provides an opportunity to create a new and better ‘normal’ – and we think Brighton and Hove is the ideal place to set this in motion as we face an uncertain future.

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growing a deeper democracy

A video from CarnegieUK as part of their Making Good Society (2010) 


Carne Ross, author of 'The Leaderless Revolution' on need to about participatory democracy