Towards a Deeper Democracy

The best way of protecting our democracy is by having more democracy

Deeper Democracy is a group committed to creating a democracy that is more inclusive, participatory and deliberative

Build Back Better in Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove Compass have launched a campaign to Build Back Better in the City and we are seeking signatures from residents and people who work in the City. While terrible, the Covid-19 crisis provides an opportunity to create a new and better ‘normal’ – and we think Brighton and Hove is the ideal place to set this in motion as we face an uncertain future.

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Citizen-Led Change

Today we proudly launch our new pamphlet ‘Participation at 45 degrees: techniques for citizen-led change’.
We argue that we urgently need to create a more participatory and deliberative democracy and explore the role of participatory practice in supporting the change.

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growing a deeper democracy

A video from CarnegieUK as part of their Making Good Society (2010) 


Carne Ross, author of 'The Leaderless Revolution' on need to about participatory democracy