Rojava and Direct Democracy – Can it Survive and Thrive in the Long Term

Most people will know about the Kurdish women’s militias that played such a key role in fighting ISIS, most are from Rojava, here’s what one of the women said about their struggle ‘Well, were anti-capitalist. One thing we think the twentieth century has taught shown us is you can’t get rid of capitalism without getting rid of the state. And you can’t get rid of the state without eliminating patriarchy’. (From Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Autonomy and Women’s Liberation in Syrian Kurdistan). Rojava is a ‘state’ that is not a state, it’s a nation built and controlled from the ground up. We can learn a great deal from what they are trying to do. The key question, even if they manage to survive the horrific outside pressures of Turkish military intervention, the vestiges of Isis and other Islamo-fascist groups, and western indifference. Can the Rojava model survive and develop in the longer term?