Municipal Movements, the Fearless Future Movement and Deeper Democracy

The latest issue of Red Pepper (June/July 2018) is well worth checking out for anyone interested in issues related to local government, democracy and the burgeoning ’Municipalism movement’ that began life in Spain. Two articels in particular, Ruth Potts ‘Changing Cities’ talks about the impact of the worldwide new municipal movements is giving local politics a new lease of life. The article tends to focus on Spain and the cities of Barcelona, in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Saragoza and La Coruna. But also makes an overview of many other exciting developments including whats happening in Frome. The second article ‘Fearless Future’ talks about the Fearless Cities movement. The aim of the group is create a ‘global municipalist movement’ with the goal of ‘radicalising democracy, feminizing politics and standing up to the far right’. Those involved in the movement talk about what is happing in their own cities and towns including Warsaw and Brussels. Fearless Cities plan to publish a not to be missed guide ‘Fealess Cities: A guide to the global municipalist movement’ that includes contribution from Rojava, New York, Barcelona, Portland, and Lisbon. Reading these helps you realise that our worldwide and long term silent revolution is getting bigger and less silent. My only gripe is I wish the articles had more information, but any article that excites you and leaves you wanting to know more is also a great thing.